Tuesday, December 21


Coat mum's, dress worn as top mum's, High waisted pants TopShop, Swatch watch.
No shoes today haha.

As you can see, I still wish that Malaysia snows or that somebody somewhere gives me a ticket to the other side of the world for free. Plus accomodations hahah. Got my tooth extracted yesterday thus the title. I'll have steel in my mouth next week. I have always been fascinated by braces just because they look like grillz. So gangsta.

via James Blagden Nylon

hahaha The new year is fast coming in and I didn't realize up until yesterday that the first of January is just a mere week away. :/ It feels like 2010 swooped in and said hello just yesterday .. I can't remember much about it though. Uh-oh I'm getting old ;)


love, diyanah.

Friday, December 3

Comfort makes perfect.

Jessica Alba looked relaxingly put-together. The layering is great. I'm confused whether to be jealous of her general talent for layering or the fact that the place that she's at snows and is in the negatives.. Dang it

I love the boots and the muffler.Why can't I wear a muffler ?! Brain : "Because you're in Malaysia and people would think you're crazy/mereng" Sigh..


Thursday, December 2

Black is back.

Black shirt, TopShop bag, Swatch watch, D&G jeans, boots from TheShoesCollection

I found out a few hours ago I had just won something. This has never happened in my entire life. I feel the need to engrave this remarkable miracle in today's post because I have been one unlucky duck. Let's drink our milk to that. Cheers. Hopefully this surprising good luck will follow me a little while longer heh heh.

I had also found this tee that's reminiscent of a Jeremy Scott creation but I need to get some black fabric paint to cover up something at the back and thanks again Club Mod !

love, diyanah

Tuesday, November 30

It's crystal clear.

I want everything. Yes, including the model .....
's clothes. Pssh don't think dirty ;)

Saturday, November 27

Your mom is magic.

Grandmothers shirt, F21 skirt, Cotton On knee-high socks [probably thigh-high for us short girls haha]
Mum's boots.

I really think I'm living in the wrong era. I should be stuck 30 years ago when Vanilla Ice was 'lyrical poet' and big hair was all the rage. So it's safe to say that I want Vanilla Ice and I want big hair. [Don't look at me that way; Vanilla Ice was damn fine.] Hence the very 80's shirt. Chanelling a snow leopard, fake chains and the color red; this shirt is the bomb. This was actually my late grandmothers shirt. I felt kinda .. freaky .. wearing this .. Eventhough she was my grandmother and I love her very much, it still didn't change the fact that I'm wearing a shirt that was worn by a person that currently resides 6-feet under.

Hope my uncle gets well soon !

love, diyanah

Friday, November 12

Maybe I should take the chance.


Dress mum's, Sweater Giant, Belt mum's, Jeans bag random stall MidValley

I have been hearing Asphault alot of times these days ( from the videos that I watch to the tv shows) And every single time I hear it I always think it's "Ass's fault." and would think to myself  .. "Did my butt do any wrong?" But anyhoo,  the bag suits this outfit more than the last one dont cha think so ?

I also think that I should lose some weight; gettin' abit chubby now. :/ Plus its the holidays and theres obviously nothing better to do at home than sleep, eat, sleep, internet, sleep. But I read this one article some where and it said that sleeping actually helps you lose weight. Skeptical but I'll try it ;)

love, diyanah

Tuesday, November 9

Don't be shy boy.

Casio watch, Maxi dress & vest Topshop, Shoes mum's , Jeans bag random stall in MidValley

I had tried this vest numerous times at various TopShops and never bought it because it was too darn expensive for a vest; even if it was beautiful. But alas, I came across this one TopShop in MidValley and its sales rack is to die for. I don't know why but all the things on the 50% rack or even the 'special price' and 30% were gorgeous. And I found the vest in all its glory, AND IT WAS ON 50% ! (: AND I HAD THOSE CASH VOUCHER THINGS ! So the price went all the way down mwaha.

I don't know if the bag is made out of real jeans or .. but it's pretty practical for my trip to New Zealand tomorrow. ;) And I also have to have pack 6-days worth of clothes for the trip but I can't seem to move my butt off the ground and work on that. Sigh. Do you think I should wait until the second part of Harry Potter comes out next year or should I just watch the first part now anyways? *cue music* "I'm indecisive, I can't decide .."

BEAST - Beautiful

love, diyanah

Wednesday, October 27

This post is fly like a G6

I have been looking for an oversized-white shirt and I have completed that quest, killed the boss, eliminate the aliens, finished the lasagna .. wait where am I getting with this ? To put it simply , I have found the snitch in the quidditch game. (Yeah that's right , I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it heh) But time well spent today (doing absolutely nothing mind you) and tomorrow is going to be a blast. I want to watch RED but the cinema has limited showings already. Oh curse you cinema people !

I had also found out that the shoes that I wanted isn't there anymore. Ah fret not, I'll hug some stranger to get rid of this sadness inside me.

love, diyanah

Casio watch, Oversized-shirt F21, TopShop Baxter jeans, shoes Miss OCD

Thursday, October 14

Are you ready to slide !

These shoes looks so good I might actually want to marry them hmm. Just got these babies about a week ago, a bit big though but totally worth it. ARGH so I went on 'The Most Tallest Indoor Tube Slide' and this lead to me getting to know with thie really cool grandma-esque person. I am very regretful I didn't take her picture. tsk, tsk, tsk. Ate some really delicious chicken rice balls, never knew there was rice balls :0


ZARA bag (courtesy of friend) , white shirt from Giant , Baxter jeans from TopShop, wedges
Miss OCD

Tuesday, October 12

Anyone up for a teaser?

Here's a teaser for you. Hope it left you hanging (off a cliff. hahah). Gonna watch 'COP OUT' laterz. The trailer looks hilarious and this the first time in a long time Bruce Willis takes on a comedy.