Saturday, December 31


I am totally craving books right now. Which I guess is a healthy thing to crave. 

love, diyanah.

Thursday, December 29


My first ever Ebay purchase. And they came out beautifully. /tears

Pierre Hardy x GAP shoes.
love, diyanah

Friday, November 25


I need to pack for a different weather and I do not know what to bring, so here's my inspiration. Straight from Hollywood ;)

These shoes are to die for.

Thursday, November 24

Natalia Vodianova

via The Vogue Diaries

I am totally in love with Natalia's outfit. From the hair , the jewelry, the shoes, the make-up, the clutch and the freakin' dress. It's so ..... 90's ? But good 90's ...? I don't know. Makes me want to cut my hair and ombre it and make it feathery.

love, diyanah

Sunday, November 6

Time Period

I Need A Hero - Star Wars - Bonnie Tyler     Favorite song from the 80's for me probably currently in the most epic video ever

I would like to put every one of the tracks from WONDER WORLD but alas I think I would just bore you (not that their album is a bore, it is quite the opposite) Their album is definitely very well-done. The correct calibration of very now retro and 80's 90's pop. They also sound Beyonce-ish and British bands. It might sound like a very messy sounding album but it goes well together surprisingly;  connects seamlessly from one song to the next. Something like eating fries with ice-cream. #APPLAUSE

Do you think I should change my font ? I feel the urge to do it but maybe later.

Is it weird that I am kinda hearing Nero - Crush in my head ? It's just the same (very,very addictive) lines over and over again. I need timeto get over my denial.

Also, Happy Birthday Marie Curie !

P.S Did I mention how I love the Wonder Girls album ?

Friday, November 4

Sunday Girl

Great music. Great video. Great dress.

Mermaid-like Long Hair

image via The Vogue Diaries  

I'm having second thoughts on cutting my hair into a short bob again after looking at her hair. HOW DO THEY DO THAT ?! Eventhough my hair most probably can't do that, there's still that sliver of hope that it would. SO SHOULD I CUT MY HAIR ?! Dilemma, dilemma.

Not to mention that dress is beautiful. I want one.  

love, diyanah.

Thursday, October 27

Don't steal them away.


In other news, I have scored myself a new sexy Legria. And you know what that means .. SEXY MOVING PICTURES OF ME. (Well, me in clothes so it might not be that sexy) I shall be off to learn the ways of rendering and editing and how to neutralise acidic solutions. Cheerio !


Sodium hydride

via Fashiontoast

via becauseimaddicted

I need an arm gathering on my arm too.

Saturday, September 24

Animals I would love as pets.

Albino lion

Albino tiger

Albino turtle

Albino peacock


Blue tarantula

Half albino peacock

Sorry this is no outfit post, I'll find the time to do one (hopefully). Maybe these I-want-petz desires is some of my inspiration now. An all-white outfit and lots of friendship bracelets (colour ala jellyfish stated above).

Monday, April 4

In need of dramatic bakground and nails.



Via Voguediaries
I need someone capture me in Zoe's confident car-unlocking move but with a car that blew up and is on fire in the background .. because I was the one detonating it and I'm walking away stylishly cool. Because I am unfazed by my amazing abilities. (We can always dream , no ? ;) )

love, diyanah

Friday, February 18

Delicately elegant.

Image via

The perfect shoes come with a price. 
I can't wear this because of its lining material. 
Why, why ?! 


Monday, February 14

Jibe Gajima, Don't go home.

Don't go home Andy Carrol ;)

Photographer is needed.

DIY croptop originally V-neck F21, Skirt from Miss OCD, Jeans TopShop,  Shoes F21.

I got my hands on that new Boggle electronic thingy. I feel like we are in the future already. I hope Pictionary one day would be in an iPad like game, where there's a computer who tries to guess what you're drawing. Heh pro..bably not, but it is good to dream :) NYFW is currently ongoing and I knew the sheer pants are going to materialise someday. It was bound to happen. We had sheer skirts (see above) , sheer tops, sheer leggings but Rebecca Taylor has made my dreams come true by concocting sheer pants. With beads. And I might not wear them. Because I am not that brave. Plus my mom will nag me. And it will of course burn a humongous hole in my blazer pocket. Me iz sad.
Via The Man Repeller

P.S Check out this cool cardboard eco-friendly speakers. A friend bought these for me for Urban Outfitters. I aven't decorate it. Afraid I might ruin the thing D:

love, diyanah

Friday, February 11

My Princess with a running man.

Exams are in two weeks :/ I can't believe time flew so fast and yet, it just did. School is tiring, being 16 is tiring, homework is tiring. At 16, I long for being 13 again or 14. Schoolwork was not extreme, everything was simple, easy. I have tuition nowadays and I have to stay back at school on some days and this is quite exhausting. But lookie on the brightside, I stayed back one day (yesterday) and got an offer to go back home with a friend (Hi Min! I'm doing a post heh heh) and got to taste my first ever Mac&Cheese (M&C) and eventhough it was my first time, no other M&C will out cheese Shamin's M&C with bits of bacon. Plus desert came first that day in the form of brownies. WOO HOO !


Okay I surrender. The elephant in the room must be addressed. I haven't posted anything SUPA SORRY ! :( But here is an outfit post. And to make it up I'll just throw in my adorable baby picture in the mix as well. I know you want babyMe's hoodie/jumper. It is the bomb.
Giant shirt, SkirtF21, Clutch F21, Coral shirt Mum's, BCBGeneration boots.

P.S I may or may not have gotten myself addicted to a korean drama 'My Princess' and also found a hardcore fan of 'Running Man' in a close friend.

love, diyanah

Monday, January 31


I am absolutely sorry for the (very) lack of updates. I sincerely apologize. Since I am on break for a week, hopefully an outfit post will come. But in the meantime take this humble inspiration post as an early present from me to you.

I have been obsessed (maybe lagging should be the right word to describe my obsession) with clear plastic. I tried to restrain my desire for a clear, transparent hoodie but alas I can't. So here I am blogging in hopes that my burning desire would eventually disappear. Like you know how if an annoying (yet surprisingly catchy) song is stuck in your head you have to sing it out loud to get that song out of your head .. well I hope the same goes for this obsession/

 [Images via Google Image]
 I will now leave you with a photo that I took when I was in L.A because the colour palette reminds me of transparent things.

love, diyanah.