Monday, February 14

Photographer is needed.

DIY croptop originally V-neck F21, Skirt from Miss OCD, Jeans TopShop,  Shoes F21.

I got my hands on that new Boggle electronic thingy. I feel like we are in the future already. I hope Pictionary one day would be in an iPad like game, where there's a computer who tries to guess what you're drawing. Heh pro..bably not, but it is good to dream :) NYFW is currently ongoing and I knew the sheer pants are going to materialise someday. It was bound to happen. We had sheer skirts (see above) , sheer tops, sheer leggings but Rebecca Taylor has made my dreams come true by concocting sheer pants. With beads. And I might not wear them. Because I am not that brave. Plus my mom will nag me. And it will of course burn a humongous hole in my blazer pocket. Me iz sad.
Via The Man Repeller

P.S Check out this cool cardboard eco-friendly speakers. A friend bought these for me for Urban Outfitters. I aven't decorate it. Afraid I might ruin the thing D:

love, diyanah

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