Saturday, December 31


I am totally craving books right now. Which I guess is a healthy thing to crave. 

love, diyanah.

Thursday, December 29


My first ever Ebay purchase. And they came out beautifully. /tears

Pierre Hardy x GAP shoes.
love, diyanah

Friday, November 25


I need to pack for a different weather and I do not know what to bring, so here's my inspiration. Straight from Hollywood ;)

These shoes are to die for.

Thursday, November 24

Natalia Vodianova

via The Vogue Diaries

I am totally in love with Natalia's outfit. From the hair , the jewelry, the shoes, the make-up, the clutch and the freakin' dress. It's so ..... 90's ? But good 90's ...? I don't know. Makes me want to cut my hair and ombre it and make it feathery.

love, diyanah

Sunday, November 6

Time Period

I Need A Hero - Star Wars - Bonnie Tyler     Favorite song from the 80's for me probably currently in the most epic video ever

I would like to put every one of the tracks from WONDER WORLD but alas I think I would just bore you (not that their album is a bore, it is quite the opposite) Their album is definitely very well-done. The correct calibration of very now retro and 80's 90's pop. They also sound Beyonce-ish and British bands. It might sound like a very messy sounding album but it goes well together surprisingly;  connects seamlessly from one song to the next. Something like eating fries with ice-cream. #APPLAUSE

Do you think I should change my font ? I feel the urge to do it but maybe later.

Is it weird that I am kinda hearing Nero - Crush in my head ? It's just the same (very,very addictive) lines over and over again. I need timeto get over my denial.

Also, Happy Birthday Marie Curie !

P.S Did I mention how I love the Wonder Girls album ?

Friday, November 4

Sunday Girl

Great music. Great video. Great dress.

Mermaid-like Long Hair

image via The Vogue Diaries  

I'm having second thoughts on cutting my hair into a short bob again after looking at her hair. HOW DO THEY DO THAT ?! Eventhough my hair most probably can't do that, there's still that sliver of hope that it would. SO SHOULD I CUT MY HAIR ?! Dilemma, dilemma.

Not to mention that dress is beautiful. I want one.  

love, diyanah.