Wednesday, October 27

This post is fly like a G6

I have been looking for an oversized-white shirt and I have completed that quest, killed the boss, eliminate the aliens, finished the lasagna .. wait where am I getting with this ? To put it simply , I have found the snitch in the quidditch game. (Yeah that's right , I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it heh) But time well spent today (doing absolutely nothing mind you) and tomorrow is going to be a blast. I want to watch RED but the cinema has limited showings already. Oh curse you cinema people !

I had also found out that the shoes that I wanted isn't there anymore. Ah fret not, I'll hug some stranger to get rid of this sadness inside me.

love, diyanah

Casio watch, Oversized-shirt F21, TopShop Baxter jeans, shoes Miss OCD

Thursday, October 14

Are you ready to slide !

These shoes looks so good I might actually want to marry them hmm. Just got these babies about a week ago, a bit big though but totally worth it. ARGH so I went on 'The Most Tallest Indoor Tube Slide' and this lead to me getting to know with thie really cool grandma-esque person. I am very regretful I didn't take her picture. tsk, tsk, tsk. Ate some really delicious chicken rice balls, never knew there was rice balls :0


ZARA bag (courtesy of friend) , white shirt from Giant , Baxter jeans from TopShop, wedges
Miss OCD

Tuesday, October 12

Anyone up for a teaser?

Here's a teaser for you. Hope it left you hanging (off a cliff. hahah). Gonna watch 'COP OUT' laterz. The trailer looks hilarious and this the first time in a long time Bruce Willis takes on a comedy.

Monday, October 11

Selamat datang.

This is a blog spurred because I am free from the torture that we call PMR which is one of the three most biggest exams in my whole entire life most probably. Yes, you read that right. I am FREE. F R DOUBLE E !

You need not know the name nor where I live but keep in mind that this might be a blog filled to the brim with pictures, mumble-bumble (courtesy of moi) and outfit posts ! This would be called a lifestylestyle blog because its a style/lifestyle blog. Get it ? (Lame. I know. So sue me.) I like to incorporate interesting tidbits of my life in here too, so please go easy on me if it's not fashion related. I have total faith in you.

Please take care of me and anticipate what I'll be doing (: