Thursday, October 14

Are you ready to slide !

These shoes looks so good I might actually want to marry them hmm. Just got these babies about a week ago, a bit big though but totally worth it. ARGH so I went on 'The Most Tallest Indoor Tube Slide' and this lead to me getting to know with thie really cool grandma-esque person. I am very regretful I didn't take her picture. tsk, tsk, tsk. Ate some really delicious chicken rice balls, never knew there was rice balls :0


ZARA bag (courtesy of friend) , white shirt from Giant , Baxter jeans from TopShop, wedges
Miss OCD


  1. Sayang! you used my comp to visit your fashion blog and I didn't even noticed :O ohmigosh. anyway, just so you know tht I'm totally supporting you okayy :) and I'll be one of your most faithful readers, you CAN trust me on tht! also, change it to zaraaaa;) <33333

  2. :') THANK YOU SAYANG ! change dy heh heh

  3. Hi sweet!

    Thank you for your comment. I am doing chemical engineering. It's a really good line to go into. There are a lot of job prospects and you can basically work anywhere (example: banks, accounting firms, consulting firms, oil and gas etc).

    Btw, where is that huge slide? I like your wedges. I think i have the red pair. Hehe. I bought them from The Shoes Collection, another Malaysian blog shop.