Wednesday, October 27

This post is fly like a G6

I have been looking for an oversized-white shirt and I have completed that quest, killed the boss, eliminate the aliens, finished the lasagna .. wait where am I getting with this ? To put it simply , I have found the snitch in the quidditch game. (Yeah that's right , I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it heh) But time well spent today (doing absolutely nothing mind you) and tomorrow is going to be a blast. I want to watch RED but the cinema has limited showings already. Oh curse you cinema people !

I had also found out that the shoes that I wanted isn't there anymore. Ah fret not, I'll hug some stranger to get rid of this sadness inside me.

love, diyanah

Casio watch, Oversized-shirt F21, TopShop Baxter jeans, shoes Miss OCD

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  1. Lovely shirt! Oversized tshirts are so versatile! xoxooxoxo