Tuesday, November 9

Don't be shy boy.

Casio watch, Maxi dress & vest Topshop, Shoes mum's , Jeans bag random stall in MidValley

I had tried this vest numerous times at various TopShops and never bought it because it was too darn expensive for a vest; even if it was beautiful. But alas, I came across this one TopShop in MidValley and its sales rack is to die for. I don't know why but all the things on the 50% rack or even the 'special price' and 30% were gorgeous. And I found the vest in all its glory, AND IT WAS ON 50% ! (: AND I HAD THOSE CASH VOUCHER THINGS ! So the price went all the way down mwaha.

I don't know if the bag is made out of real jeans or .. but it's pretty practical for my trip to New Zealand tomorrow. ;) And I also have to have pack 6-days worth of clothes for the trip but I can't seem to move my butt off the ground and work on that. Sigh. Do you think I should wait until the second part of Harry Potter comes out next year or should I just watch the first part now anyways? *cue music* "I'm indecisive, I can't decide .."

BEAST - Beautiful

love, diyanah

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  1. You're too cute! I love your vest! And I would recommend watching the part 1 because it looks too good not to be missed! xoxxoxoo