Friday, November 12

Maybe I should take the chance.


Dress mum's, Sweater Giant, Belt mum's, Jeans bag random stall MidValley

I have been hearing Asphault alot of times these days ( from the videos that I watch to the tv shows) And every single time I hear it I always think it's "Ass's fault." and would think to myself  .. "Did my butt do any wrong?" But anyhoo,  the bag suits this outfit more than the last one dont cha think so ?

I also think that I should lose some weight; gettin' abit chubby now. :/ Plus its the holidays and theres obviously nothing better to do at home than sleep, eat, sleep, internet, sleep. But I read this one article some where and it said that sleeping actually helps you lose weight. Skeptical but I'll try it ;)

love, diyanah

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  1. HOW CAN I PUT ANONYMOUS LORH GIRL? You never put Anonymous as an option pun '-.- Hahahahah. SO BTW, YOU SUCK.