Saturday, November 27

Your mom is magic.

Grandmothers shirt, F21 skirt, Cotton On knee-high socks [probably thigh-high for us short girls haha]
Mum's boots.

I really think I'm living in the wrong era. I should be stuck 30 years ago when Vanilla Ice was 'lyrical poet' and big hair was all the rage. So it's safe to say that I want Vanilla Ice and I want big hair. [Don't look at me that way; Vanilla Ice was damn fine.] Hence the very 80's shirt. Chanelling a snow leopard, fake chains and the color red; this shirt is the bomb. This was actually my late grandmothers shirt. I felt kinda .. freaky .. wearing this .. Eventhough she was my grandmother and I love her very much, it still didn't change the fact that I'm wearing a shirt that was worn by a person that currently resides 6-feet under.

Hope my uncle gets well soon !

love, diyanah

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  1. Thats my quote! Lol, your title over there :b Where did you get that skirt or shorts? or something, its pretty! Yes, do big hair. Do big hair :b