Tuesday, December 21


Coat mum's, dress worn as top mum's, High waisted pants TopShop, Swatch watch.
No shoes today haha.

As you can see, I still wish that Malaysia snows or that somebody somewhere gives me a ticket to the other side of the world for free. Plus accomodations hahah. Got my tooth extracted yesterday thus the title. I'll have steel in my mouth next week. I have always been fascinated by braces just because they look like grillz. So gangsta.

via James Blagden Nylon

hahaha The new year is fast coming in and I didn't realize up until yesterday that the first of January is just a mere week away. :/ It feels like 2010 swooped in and said hello just yesterday .. I can't remember much about it though. Uh-oh I'm getting old ;)


love, diyanah.

Friday, December 3

Comfort makes perfect.

Jessica Alba looked relaxingly put-together. The layering is great. I'm confused whether to be jealous of her general talent for layering or the fact that the place that she's at snows and is in the negatives.. Dang it

I love the boots and the muffler.Why can't I wear a muffler ?! Brain : "Because you're in Malaysia and people would think you're crazy/mereng" Sigh..


Thursday, December 2

Black is back.

Black shirt, TopShop bag, Swatch watch, D&G jeans, boots from TheShoesCollection

I found out a few hours ago I had just won something. This has never happened in my entire life. I feel the need to engrave this remarkable miracle in today's post because I have been one unlucky duck. Let's drink our milk to that. Cheers. Hopefully this surprising good luck will follow me a little while longer heh heh.

I had also found this tee that's reminiscent of a Jeremy Scott creation but I need to get some black fabric paint to cover up something at the back and thanks again Club Mod !

love, diyanah