Thursday, December 2

Black is back.

Black shirt, TopShop bag, Swatch watch, D&G jeans, boots from TheShoesCollection

I found out a few hours ago I had just won something. This has never happened in my entire life. I feel the need to engrave this remarkable miracle in today's post because I have been one unlucky duck. Let's drink our milk to that. Cheers. Hopefully this surprising good luck will follow me a little while longer heh heh.

I had also found this tee that's reminiscent of a Jeremy Scott creation but I need to get some black fabric paint to cover up something at the back and thanks again Club Mod !

love, diyanah


  1. Yeay! Like it but.......why are we drinking the milk? hmph.

  2. hola! read about u in clubmod! congratulations! nice blog!!