Tuesday, December 21


Coat mum's, dress worn as top mum's, High waisted pants TopShop, Swatch watch.
No shoes today haha.

As you can see, I still wish that Malaysia snows or that somebody somewhere gives me a ticket to the other side of the world for free. Plus accomodations hahah. Got my tooth extracted yesterday thus the title. I'll have steel in my mouth next week. I have always been fascinated by braces just because they look like grillz. So gangsta.

via James Blagden Nylon

hahaha The new year is fast coming in and I didn't realize up until yesterday that the first of January is just a mere week away. :/ It feels like 2010 swooped in and said hello just yesterday .. I can't remember much about it though. Uh-oh I'm getting old ;)


love, diyanah.

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