Sunday, November 6

Time Period

I Need A Hero - Star Wars - Bonnie Tyler     Favorite song from the 80's for me probably currently in the most epic video ever

I would like to put every one of the tracks from WONDER WORLD but alas I think I would just bore you (not that their album is a bore, it is quite the opposite) Their album is definitely very well-done. The correct calibration of very now retro and 80's 90's pop. They also sound Beyonce-ish and British bands. It might sound like a very messy sounding album but it goes well together surprisingly;  connects seamlessly from one song to the next. Something like eating fries with ice-cream. #APPLAUSE

Do you think I should change my font ? I feel the urge to do it but maybe later.

Is it weird that I am kinda hearing Nero - Crush in my head ? It's just the same (very,very addictive) lines over and over again. I need timeto get over my denial.

Also, Happy Birthday Marie Curie !

P.S Did I mention how I love the Wonder Girls album ?

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